Businessman using a computer analysis for process and workflow automation with flowchart, a businessman in background

We helped a service centre of the Dutch government automate their business processes


DICTU is one of the largest IT shared service centres for the Dutch government. DICTU supports the primary processes of different organisations, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. They explored new ways to manage their customer relationships, contracting and contacts.


Valcon is the preferred supplier for DICTU for Pega related BPM projects throughout the Dutch government (‘Rijkszaak’). Pega is a proven platform within the Dutch government for complex case management and digital workflow management (BPM). Valcon used Pega to build primary contracting workflows and contact management which enabled tracking of the sales and correspondence with the customer including saving and sending invoices, signing documents and receiving digital approval from managers.


The solution reduced the number of manual actions required for sales tracking and customer correspondence as well as the time needed for the documentation, emailing colleagues for status updates, exploring potential clients and updating contracting status.

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