BoatBikeTours connects their systems with their new booking platform


BoatBikeTours has been active for 40 years in the shipping and cruises industry. BoatBikeTours decided they needed an update of their booking platform. Their system at the time was outdated and difficult to connect to other systems such as Salesforce.

The platform was a SaaS product used by a lot of customers for booking bungalow parks and holiday homes. The challenge was that they would pay per booking, and when BoatBikeTours started growing exponentially this proved an issue. Together with Valcon they decided to build a whole new booking system.


Valcon collaborated with BoatBikeTours to enhance their system, maintaining its core structure. Commencing with the existing booking system, they seamlessly integrated it with Salesforce and upgraded the CRM under Valcon’s guidance. The team introduced features facilitating effortless group holiday bookings. The platform achieved heightened efficiency, actively undergoing maintenance, and incorporating new products and requirements over time.


Thanks to the new platform, BoatBikeTours has realised hypergrowth in the past years. The main benefit has been how much more efficient the booking process has become, and not only for BoatBikeTours but for its customers too. They have since made big steps in CRM, marketing, business and sales, due to being able to connect systems together with a modern platform.

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