An integrated approach to programme management: driving success through strategic leadership


Pioneer represents a significant investment for our client, leading retailer, and is a strategic business transformation programme aimed at optimising product and stock management through the delivery of high quality data and efficient processes enabled by leading technologies. The delivery of pioneer also underpins improvements in the speed to launch of products.​ The programme combines Stibo’s STEP product information management system with Oracle’s Retail Merchandising System (RMS) and Retail Price Management (RPM) modules and will integrate these into our clients existing technology estate.


Valcon led a complex programme with senior-level management and established a Programme Management Office (PMO). They reviewed and gained approval for a restated business case, ensuring a viable build for programme success and restoring stakeholder confidence. Valcon redefined the IT delivery model and renegotiated terms with the Systems Integrator, stabilising programme delivery with an optimised plan. Additionally, they implemented a PMO team to oversee governance, maintain controls over planning, risks, resources, costs, and benefits, and manage reporting.


  • Established a stable foundation for the programme, enabling a significant performance improvement.​
  • Restructured the delivery framework, aligning planning, scope, design, and approach, gaining stakeholder support.​
  • Prioritised benefits realisation as the key success metric, transitioning to a business-focused delivery model.​
  • Achieved measurable performance improvements, successfully managing the build phase ahead of schedule.​
  • Delivered the programme as per the revised plan, realising expected benefits with a world-class ERP system.

Case Studies