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We helped the University of Southern Denmark implement its newly redefined strategy


The University of Southern Denmark (SDU) needed a new strategy for the entire university, and at the same time, a new principal had been hired, who had to implement the new strategy in collaboration with the board of governors. The board and the principal needed help to specify and prioritise the strategic initiatives as well as divide them into time phases. In addition, SDU wanted to establish a governance set-up in relation to the actual implementation of the strategy. As an additional dimension, the purpose was to use the strategy work processes to strengthen the board’s cohesion as one management team.


Valcon helped SDU specify the overall strategy and select two large cross-organisational initiatives. The two initiatives were to be realised through five strategic actions across the faculties and institutes of the university. The five strategic actions were specified in relation to purpose, effect, specific results and main activities, and milestones for the following five years were established. At the same time, a shared framework was developed for the implementation of the strategy locally for the five faculties in order to secure cohesion, synergy and a shared financial prioritisation. The framework comprised elements in relation to education, research, internationalisation and community engagement as well as a framework for investments.


As a result of the project, the board of governors became significantly unified as a management team with a clear direction, clear goals and a plan for the roll-out of the strategy

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