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The IT and Development Agency of the Danish Ministry of Taxation was standing on a burning platform when creating the implementation centre for tax collection (ICI). The purpose of the centre was to develop a system to restore faith in the collection of public debt by creating a solid, efficient and legal collection system. The agency needed Valcon’s help in designing, implementing and developing an organisation for this purpose.


Valcon helped the agency establish an agile development organisation designed on SAFe and Scrum to ensure well-functioning IT deliverables and to minimise the risk of delays. Valcon also assisted with agile coaching and training of managers across the Ministry of Taxation and ensured efficient coordination across teams and organisational levels by implementing weekly meetings as well as PI planning. As a result, ICI is now an operating and continuously developing agile development organisation of approximately 350 employees.


The project resulted in the design and implementation of ICI – an agile development organisation in continuous development.