Do you want to benchmark your procurement function against your peers to ensure you are up to speed? Or are you looking to identify the areas in your procurement function where you will gain the most value for resources? Then, our market-leading and data-driven procurement assessment tools are a good place to start. Valcon’s solutions for procurement optimisation will always be based on your unique business needs, and by taking one or all of our self-assessments, you will have taken the first important step in identifying where you should focus your efforts to ensure a mature procurement function.

The following is an overview of the key steps in Valcon’s holistic assessment process:

These steps will help you gain invaluable transparency in your procurement policy, processes, tools, methods and competences, enabling you to improve operations and increase your competitive advantages through focused initiatives.

Valcon’s benchmarking database is based on +100 man years of experience within supply chain and procurement, and it has been structured into sub-models, accommodating different client needs. By taking one of our self-assessments, you will ultimately be able to benchmark your procurement performance within the industry.

The three self-assessment tools will each offer you a path to a more mature and optimised procurement function: