24/7 A day in the life of a Valcon employee I Dejan Sasic

Driven by my commitment to fostering smooth collaboration with my colleagues, I get up every day at 07:00 and commute to the office by car, even if it means braving the morning traffic. Getting to the office before 08:30 ensures that I can find a good parking spot and get a head start on the day.

Being in the office has its advantages. It allows me to work closely with my colleagues and stay up-to-date with the latest developments as they happen. Of course, there is the occasional downside of interruptions that can hinder my focus on individual tasks. Nevertheless, I prioritise direct contact with my team and spend most of my day working with them. Though attending many meetings throughout the day, I always make time for lunch with my colleagues, creating a space for building relationships beyond the realm of work.

Developing robust connections with my team members and stakeholders remains a top priority. Throughout the past year, I have dedicated myself to honing my leadership and people skills as I transition into the role of an Executive Delivery Director. I believe that being a good leader involves listening actively to understand people’s points of view, being good at negotiating and having the ability to think strategically.

My ambition for the future is to grow my leadership skills and experience further, taking on more responsibility and leading larger teams or more complex projects. I envision myself in a role where I build and mentor a team of high-performing project managers or become a thought leader within my field, sharing my expertise and insights with industry peers.

Having begun my journey as a software developer, I bring a unique perspective to the table – a distinctive blend of technical expertise, leadership skills and strategic thinking. My ability to translate complex technical concepts into easily understandable language allows me to seamlessly bridge the gap between technical teams and business stakeholders. With a profound understanding of software development processes and extensive experience in the field, I effectively manage and guide development teams and prioritise the delivery of quality products that satisfy the needs of clients and stakeholders alike.

My workday concludes when the last meeting comes to an end. If time permits, I engage in a good game of 8-ball billiards before making my way home. With the majority of my day spent engaging in conversations, I wholeheartedly welcome some silence in the evenings. Whether through meditation, leisurely walks or listening to music, I relish the opportunity to unwind. On weekends, I cherish quality time with my family and dog. When the weather is nice, you can find us barbecuing in the nearby parks, treasuring a precious moment of togetherness and joy.

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