24/7 A day in the life of a Valcon employee I Erik Wiedemeijer

Typically get up around 7 am. I’m not much of a morning person, so I need some time, a hot shower, and coffee to get going. My first calls usually start at 8:30 am, giving me enough time to prepare for the day.

I do most of my work from home since I’m most productive there. I have a good setup, and it saves commuting time. Depending on project needs, I visit client offices about 1-2 times a week. When I’m at Valcon offices, it’s mainly for internal meetings or to see my team in person. This hybrid model works well for me.

I lead the data science capability at Valcon UK. My responsibilities span people management, proposition development, project delivery, and business development. Every day is unique, making my job dynamic and enjoyable.

Mornings often start with internal Valcon calls. Depending on client work, I have daily stand-ups for ongoing projects to ensure we’re on track and address any issues. A key part of my role is helping the team progress and deliver client value. Afternoons vary with ad hoc calls, project work, and business development tasks. No day is truly average!

I recently finished a project for an insurance client and am starting one in the industrial sector. Consulting offers exposure to various industries and challenges, ensuring continuous learning. My role typically involves defining project scope, leading delivery, and managing client interactions.

Over the past year, I’ve delved deeper into data visualisation using Power BI. It’s a potent tool for data storytelling, and we have a skilled data visualisation team. Telling a story with data is more engaging than just metrics on a dashboard, and I’m passionate about it. As a mentor, I prioritise my team’s well-being and ensure everyone performs their best. Our data science propositions are evolving, and keeping up with the machine learning and AI landscape is a challenge in itself.

Since joining Valcon two years ago, I’ve honed both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ skills. Technically, I’ve become proficient with the Microsoft Azure tech stack and can advise clients on data architecture and best practices. On the softer side, I’ve enhanced my client relationship and team management skills.

I aim to finish my day by 6:30 pm, but it varies. A short post-work walk, sometimes combined with grocery shopping, helps me unwind. If the weather’s good, I might go out for dinner. Evenings are for relaxing with a movie or series. Over the weekend, weather permitting, I visit London parks or beaches further away, often combined with food and drinks. On gloomy days, I turn to Netflix. But rain or shine, I never miss my Sunday run!

In five years, I see myself still working with data. I love designing data strategies and solutions to support data-driven decisions, bridging the business and technical domains.

Want to learn more? If you would like to learn more about the day to day responsibilities of other Valcon employees, please email [email protected] and we’ll be in touch right away.