We helped Haldor Topsoe significantly improve profits by increasing output volume from key plants


Haldor Topsoe had a significant opportunity to grow sales and increase profits by increasing the output from some of its key plants in the Global Supply Unit (GSU) organisation. The challenge was how to rapidly increase volume to satisfy the surging demand without having to implement large equipment upgrades requiring significant investments and significant downtime. It was also critical to ensure that the solutions implemented to increase volume were sustainable and could form the basis for even further growth.


To achieve the company’s objectives, an approach based on lean and operational excellence was applied to identify key levers to increase the output for each plant and to set ambitious improvement targets. Valcon then helped the management in each plant implement a sustainable approach to reduce stop times and speed losses in production processes based on coaching, performance management, training and operational improvement activities.


The project enabled Haldor Topsoe to increase output volumes significantly and served as a blueprint for improving operations in all Haldor Topsoe plants in the future.

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