An executive with responsibility for revenue generation continuously reviews options, segments, market openings or adjustments to pricing, the commercial model or G2M. These skills are part of the toolbox for any executive with revenue responsibilities. However, too often, the executive is challenged by the adoption rate in commercial organisations or by the maturity of the commercial mindset and behaviour within the commercial team.

In these situations, it can be highly beneficial to execute a commercial maturity assessment across the organisation. A commercial maturity assessment uses both questionnaires among commercial frontliners, middle managers and leadership along with outside-in perspectives on domains such as:

  • Commercial strategy
  • Commercial capabilities and competences
  • Commercial organisation and decision-making
  • Commercial processes (Lead-2-order, Order-2-Cash, etc.)
  • Commercial technology (technology, data and applications)
  • Commercial ecosystem
  • Commercial innovation

The best commercial organisation institutionalises the maturity work and conducts frequent (bi-yearly) reviews using simple Likert scales (1-5) on each above domain to track improvement both internally and relative to peers.

Now it’s up to you!

Start by discussing the above domains and their maturity (relative to that of industry peers) with your commercial colleagues. The dialogue itself should foster a valuable discussion on different perceptions of strong suits and development areas.