This press release from Valcon was issued Thursday, 24 October 2019

Valcon’s annual report 2018/2019 shows a minor growth of 3% in turnover after a year characterised by major investments.

“We would have preferred a year of stronger growth, but we have felt an increasing sense of caution among a number of our clients, primarily within the industrial sector. The past year has furthermore been characterised by significant investments in relocating headquarters, strengthening our position in Sweden and internal prioritising and strengthening of our consultants,” states CEO Thomas Fischer.

While turnover is on a par with the previous year, these investments have made their mark on the bottom line and have caused a natural decrease in profitability, as large parts of these investments have been financed directly by the year’s result. Valcon has a strong solvency, which remains practically unaffected despite these major investments.

CEO Thomas Fischer elaborates on the result: “We see among our clients across the globe that there is a sense of a storm brewing, and this was reflected in the second half of the year. We have been careful to show due care and diligence and have adjusted our competences continuously throughout the past year to ensure that we could accommodate these new conditions and changed demand from our clients. We have managed to achieve this while still investing and consequently strengthening our business. We are therefore satisfied with this year’s result, and we are currently looking at an increase in order intake in Valcon due to our relevance in a market under the current conditions and expectations.”

“We have a strong hold on the market and have added many new Scandinavian and international clients to our portfolio throughout the year. We are constantly strengthening our position as the premium operations consulting firm in Europe. In parallel with our many market-oriented activities, we continue to work internally on our aspiration to become the happiest company in the world,” adds CEO Thomas Fischer.

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“Valcon is a consulting firm with Scandinavian roots and an international profile. We are the premium operations consulting firm in Europe, and we are experts in connecting strategy and operations – by not only focussing on the why and what but also the how. We work for companies that acknowledge this challenge and embrace it with a high ambition level.”