Valcon has entered into a partnership agreement with Virsabi, one of Denmark’s leading companies in development of augmented reality and virtual reality solutions for companies such as B&O, IKEA, Jabra, MAN and Rambøll. The cooperation will enable clients of both Valcon and Virsabi to benefit from value-adding and innovative solutions involving both leadership, transformation and advanced VR and AR technology.

CEO of Valcon, Thomas Fischer, has the following to say about the partnership: “We are always looking for partners that will enable us to make our ecosystem even stronger and consequently strengthen our cross-functional offerings to our clients. We have already worked together with Virsabi for several months, and both parties thought that now was the time to make our relationship official.”

CEO of Virsabi, Michael Harboe, elaborates: “By cooperating with companies such as Valcon that are able to offer completely different competences and perspectives than our own, we see that our clients benefit from the far more holistic solutions we are now able to offer them. Technology should add value to our clients, and with this cooperation, we have strengthened our ability to do just that as we can now introduce Valcon’s experienced and skilled consultants as part of our solutions.”

Valcon and Virsabi have already cooperated on several client projects within servicing of technical equipment, building administration and the rapidly growing field of training and onboarding of employees using virtual reality.

Both companies see major potential in their now official cooperation.