Trelleborg have taken impressive digital steps in recent years.

They were rewarded for this during the Swedish Kvalitetsmässan’s opening gala award ceremony at the Gothenburg Opera last night, when Trelleborg were awarded the SveaPriset 2017. The jury says:

“SveaPriset 2017 is awarded to the Social Services Department in Trelleborg municipality for their project “When robots handle the administration, the municipality can focus on its citizens.” Three years ago, Trelleborg had had enough of faxes and other examples of digital incompetence. They set out on a digital journey with focus on the citizens. They now have a fully digital and automated system for applications for relief support.

The result is fantastic. 75% of everyone applying for relief support do so digitally, and 100% of everyone applying through a digital channel receive a reply with a decision on their application within one working day.

The jury sees potential in implementing this model in other municipalities and other public organisations.”

Earlier in 2017, Trelleborg municipality was awarded with the eDiamond Award 2017 and Guldlänken 2017 for their work with process automation.

Congratulations Trelleborg!

Read more about SveaPriset (in Swedish) here

Watch the video case about our work with process automation in Trelleborg municipality here