“Status quo is death. I have to be able to see that things are progressing.” Those are the words of Michael Hjortlund who will take on the role of Senior Partner in Valcon from 1 September. Michael was previously Partner in Monitor Deloitte Nordic, where he has worked in recent years after his advisory firm 42 Associates was acquired by Monitor Deloitte Nordic.

Michael probably has one of the heaviest consulting profiles in Denmark with a background from PA Consulting and Quartz among others. He personally believes that his successful track record among his clients is because he is good at creating solidarity around an objective. Because he is good at seeing the bigger picture. And not least because he is not afraid to deal with conflict when it occurs. “I am never more motivated than when the stakes are really high. And when you can see results being made, and the client takes ownership for carrying the results further,” explains Mi-chael, who often talks just as energetically with his hands as with his voice.

Valcon’s CEO Thomas Fischer looks forward to renewing the cooperation with Michael Hjortlund, who was also part of Valcon some years back. “Michael’s visionary approach to the clients’ chal-lenges and his endless positive energy are without a doubt some of the reasons that he is so good at creating close relationships with his clients,” states Thomas Fischer.

“I truly feel that I am coming home,” Michael says of his return to Valcon. “Valcon is the essence of connecting strategy with operations. Their understanding that it takes more than analyses to make change happen is in perfect alignment with my own DNA,” he adds.