Thank you for your interest in our Growth Survey!

The results and findings for Q1 are now ready – you can read the full report here.

 Why are we doing this?

A new page has been turned, and an unwritten 2017 awaits with great opportunities.

Like all your peers, other executives or VPs with top line or even P&L responsibility, you are most likely asking yourself: “What can we do in order to grow our business THIS YEAR?”

This is the very question we help our clients answer every day. And even though there are significant differences between industries and businesses, we see many similarities.

Our experience is that businesses often underestimate the potential of growing their core business organically and often seem to downplay the “spikes” that make them unique in the market. Somehow, businesses tend to lose focus on what really makes them unique to both customers and employees.

To gain an even stronger understanding of these issues, we are now launching quarterly growth surveys in our network of executives with commercial responsibility. We will be exploring growth ambitions as well as the major levers and obstacles for unlocking the sources of sustained and profitable growth.