This press release was issued on 31 October 2018.

Valcon’s annual report shows growth in the fiscal year 2017/2018. A year that has been characterised by investments in position and competences.

More specifically, the turnover has had a growth of 6%.

“Valcon has a strong position in Scandinavia and increasingly also outside of Scandinavia. In particular H2 demonstrated strong growth in Valcon, and this development has continued into the current fiscal year. We can see this in an improvement in profitability despite the fact that we have invested heavily in the company,” states CEO Thomas Fischer.

The annual report shows that the total net profit increased by almost 50%. This is despite a year when investments have been made in a new Danish headquarters in Copenhagen, a new ERP system, a number of recruitments of heavy partner profiles, a lift in competences within digitalisation, predictive analytics, robust design, digital transformations and change leadership to name a few.

CEO Thomas Fischer says about the investments: “We can truly say that our investments have paid off. We are strongly positioned to claim the role as the premium operations consulting firm in Europe, and we have by now a number of Fortune 100 companies in our client portfolio to confirm this.”

The investments will continue in all tracks, and another interesting move is Valcon’s aspiration to be the happiest company in the world. Together with The Happiness Research Institute, Valcon will act as a lab over the coming year in which the employees on a regular basis will be measured on how a number of happiness indicators change from week to week. The survey goes further than conventional measurements of job satisfaction.

“The challenge is not to measure optimism, loneliness and happiness – the challenge lies in finding out if we are actually able to improve people’s happiness through their workplace and how,” states Meik Wiking, CEO in The Happiness Research Institute.

New professional board of directors

The increased growth means that Valcon will now take a step further and appoint a professional board of directors.

The new board will consist of:

Jørgen Bardenfleth. Jørgen is professional board member in tech with +25 years of experience in the IT industry, including HP, Intel and Microsoft.

Eva Karlsson. Eva is Group President of Armatec, Sweden, and is currently on the board of directors in Bräcke diakoni.

Fiona Czerniawska. Fiona is Director of Source Global Research, and she will act as advisor in Valcon’s board of directors.

Representatives from Valcon are:

Poul Skadhede, chairman of the board and founder of Valcon

Thomas Rosenlund, Senior Partner

Mads Nyrup, Senior Partner

Brian Daniel Jacobsen, Senior Partner

“The new board is an important step in our growth and increased professionalisation. With powerful resources within digital transformation, Swedish industry and expert knowledge on global tendencies within the market for professional services, I am confident that we have a very strong position. We have also strived to gain a board with a diverse composition in terms of both expertise and gender, which strengthens the board of directors even further and consequently Valcon,” explains CEO Thomas Fischer.

For further information:

CEO Thomas Fischer

Phone +45 5151 4227

“Valcon is a consulting firm with Scandinavian roots and an international profile. We are the premium operations consulting firm in Europe, and we are experts in connecting strategy and operations – by not only focusing on the why and what but also the how. We work for companies that acknowledge this challenge and embrace it with a high ambition level.”