With more than 10 years in consulting, Lisa has specialised in change leadership as well as organisational development and optimisation. Lisa has hands-on management experience and a pragmatic approach to consulting where she enjoys working side by side with management teams to ensure full strategic impact. Lisa approaches organisations and employees with positive and empathetic energy, and she is known for her result-oriented focus and insistent staying power that ensures focus on decisions and actions.

What do you think is the most interesting dilemma on the business agenda right now?
I believe we are in the midst of a paradigm shift in how we see organisations, their structures and business models. I think many of the structures and systems we have in most organisations limit the realisation of human potentials in them. We need to start seeing new ways of organising ourselves that will enable the full human potential to be realised.

The best advice someone ever gave to you?
Find out what you are passionate about and focus on that. You will be good at it and successful.

What does The HOW mean to you?
The HOW to me is about rolling up my sleeves and standing side by side with my clients in solving whichever issue is right in front of them. It is not about fancy models and theories. It is about doing what works and getting stuff done.

I am really inspired when I hear anybody talk about what they are passionate about. Passionate people give me energy.

To me Valcon means being part of a community of really talented and inspiring colleagues. Valcon is my home base where I can recharge, develop, be inspired and connect with authentic, passionate and caring people. Valcon is also my platform for having a positive impact on the work lives of as many leaders and individuals as possible.