Jensina has more than 20 years of experience from various industries including the pharmaceutical industry, banking, telecom and retailing. Using her expertise in human behaviour she has achieved results within sales, marketing and HR. Jensina also has hands-on experience in designing, leading and implementing strategic execution programs with a focus on transforming the organisation. Jensina joined the Valcon team in the summer of 2019.

What do you think is the most interesting dilemma on the business agenda right now?  I think it will be interesting to see how companies adapt and implement the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

The best advice someone ever gave to you? If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten.

What does The HOW mean to you? It means working with competent, inspiring people in getting things done for the success of the company and the great people working there. Unleashing the human potential is the key to success in that journey, and we at Valcon are experts in that.

I’m really inspired when I hear my colleague, Steen Ruby, talk about conscious change leadership. In general, I love our conversations about people and human dynamics. In the end, it’s all about people, and how we all grow our potential.

To me, Valcon means a different kind of consultancy. It’s about changes and making things happen. We are executors, we like what we do, and we love to work with our clients in getting things done.