Valcon and Jens Peter teamed up in October 2017 in order to broaden Valcon’s cooperation with Automotive OEM clients, especially within the field of Valcon’s Six Theta® methodology. Jens Peter has 15 years of experience from the automotive sector. In addition, he has worked successfully with several businesses across many industries during his career.

What do you think is the most interesting dilemma on the business agenda right now?
In an ever changing world I think it is crucial for companies to establish processes that enable them to continuously combine their assets in new, innovative ways – potentially including assets of other companies. They should strive at becoming masters of ‘commercial combinatorics’ while at the same time develop their current business.

The best advice someone ever gave to you?
Best advice I have ever received is to accept hearing myself saying: ‘I don’t have the faintest idea!’. Too often, we find ourselves trapped in the eagerness of coming up with a quick answer regardless the question and how knowledgeable people are around us. What matters is not to hear yourself speak. What matters is that the best answer is found!

I’m really inspired when I hear Janus Juul Rasmussen talk about Valcon’s Six Theta® methodology. The beauty of doing things right from the very beginning appeals to me – whether it is establishing a robust business strategy or creating a robust, mechanical design. If you set off in the wrong direction, you end up wasting a lot of energy as you go along. Life is about preserving energy for all the good things, right?