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What is Service 4.0

The term Service 4.0 generally covers a significant development in the service industry as a result of the leverage of digitalisation and advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), automation using robotics (RPA), data analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), etc. Service 4.0 is with reference to Industry 4.0, which focuses on a similar utilisation of digital technology in the manufacturing industry.

Could you imagine being served by a robot instead of a living human being? This is already happening: You can order Domino’s pizza through Amazon’s AI assistant; banks are using and testing AI chatbots to respond to customer requests; Hotel Marriott’s customer service is available through a Facebook Messenger chatbot; Amazon, Google, IBM and Cisco are all investing millions in the research and development of voice technology to enhance robot customer service.

The above real-life examples prove that Service 4.0 is present, and IT service management is certain to be affected. Why? Because the digital technology will change customer-oriented business models and processes, which will make new demands on the underlying supporting IT services and the way these are delivered.