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Mastering the balance between supply and demand by combining S&OP process management and cutting-edge artificial intelligence systems

Balancing demand with supply has always been key to ensuring high customer satisfaction and delivery performance. Now, the strategic agenda for Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) is changing thanks to big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence, bringing new opportunities for companies to take S&OP to the next level. With S&OP, companies can better meet customer demands and needs for shorter product life cycles and faster lead times.

Valcon has helped multiple companies overcome S&OP challenges by applying our in-depth industry insights and proven processes. To enable us to deliver the strongest S&OP solutions and recommendations to our clients, Valcon has teamed up with Perito Consulting, which is on the forefront of forecasting, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Perito Consulting makes reliable forecasts for single products and full categories by coupling an extensive knowledge base with the latest technologies. The combined services of Perito Consulting and Valcon offer companies a next-level S&OP solution, resulting in a high customer service level at low cost and reduced business risk.

S&OP value delivery model

Every company tries to balance demand with supply, but we find that many companies only work on optimising parts of the S&OP process, resulting in a non-sustainable solution. Valcon has therefore created the S&OP Value Delivery Model to help your company achieve an end-to-end S&OP approach. Briefly explained, the S&OP value delivery model not only helps your company balance demand with supply but also ensures that people, processes and content are taken into account as these elements are critical to your S&OP, while IT systems function as the backbone of the S&OP.

You can only achieve an effective S&OP process by having people, content and processes aligned across the organisation. Otherwise, the S&OP process will only deliver a limited effect. It is also critical that the new way of doing S&OP is supported by top management to achieve companywide alignment and to create the basis for a structured approach. Change management is therefore also a critical element of the change process.