Senior Executive Director Mads Nyrup offers his advice on how to make sure your strategy comes to life in your organisation. Forget executing a successful business strategy if your managers and employees do not understand it. That is the succinct message from Mads Nyrup, who has more than 15 years of experience with strategy development and implementation.

He emphasises two primary reasons why a company’s new business strategy often fails to leave the launch ramp. Both reasons relate to the actual strategy execution:

  • Lack of change management competences
  • Lack of will and interest in change in the organisation

If the entire organisation is to understand the reasoning behind the new business strategy, they have to feel ownership. And Mads Nyrup points out two overall recommendations which are critical to a successful strategy implementation.

The first recommendation is aligned objectives for the entire organisation. It is necessary that the objectives are aligned and calibrated across all levels of the organisation to ensure that they do not conflict.

The second recommendation is to maintain focus on human dynamics. It is a basic human need to feel competent and recognised, and change almost always causes a feeling of uncertainty. It is the manager’s responsibility to try to counteract this feeling in his employees through involvement.

Without an understanding of the necessity of your new strategy, your employees will just continue doing what they have always done, and the strategy will fail to create the necessary change.

You can read more about what Mads Nyrup has to say about strategy execution here (in Danish only). The original article was publised in HR-chefen 2017 (2).

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