Quarterly Growth Survey

In Valcon, we always focus on our clients’ needs and objectives. Our Quarterly Growth Surveys enable us to gain even more in-depth understanding of what commercial executives see as the levers and obstacles for reaching their growth targets in 2017.

The Quarterly Growth Survey for Q2 2017 revealed that our network of commercial executives remain optimistic regarding their growth ambitions for the next 12 months. Only a handful of the respondents expect a decline in revenue. The average growth ambitions for revenue and bottom line are both double digits, 12% and 13% respectively.

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In the Q2 survey, we are focusing on what in Q1 appeared to be the most critical growth dilemma: “How to grow your business in an increasingly competitive market”.

The responses we received are in line with what we see among our clients’ businesses. Succeeding in growing your business in an increasingly competitive market basically comes down to three key questions that should preferably be answered with a clear and resounding “Yes”:

Key questions that need a “yes”