A competitive environment makes an optimised and efficient production value stream a prerequisite to success. Inefficient processes in the QC department can hurt the bottom line in several ways, and yet this department is often overlooked when management is seeking to optimise the supply chain.

This whitepaper demonstrates how QC departments may achieve up to 30-45% in efficiency gains within a few months through an approach that goes beyond conventional lean activities and combines operational excellence with data insight and change leadership.

The approach consists of three keys to unlocking the full potential in your QC department and consequently your entire value stream. These three keys are:

  • Be data-driven
  • Take control
  • Create lasting change

The approach combines conventional lean and operations management initiatives with data insight and change leadership methods. The result is not only a much more efficient QC department with more satisfied employees who feel in charge of the task inflow and process planning, i.e. a proactive rather than a reactive department. The result is also an optimised supply chain with fewer risks of costly delays, fewer reruns and an overall more efficient utilisation of resources.

In other words, the result is a stronger bottom line.