Quarterly Growth Survey

In an increasingly competitive world, predictability and speed are of monumental importance when companies launch a product. If done well, companies can leverage this ability to create a competitive advantage.

However, what does time to market really mean? How do marketers perceive their performance on time to market, and what can be done to improve it? These are some of the questions answered in the full report.

As outlook for 2018, commercial executives seem to be slightly less optimistic in regard to their growth targets than what we have seen in the beginning of 2017. The growth targets for the next 12 months as of Q4 are 8% on average for both revenue and EBIT, which indicates that commercial executives are somewhat less optimistic of their future financial performance compared to what we have seen the last year.

9% of respondents are even willing to forego EBIT improvements for growing revenue this quarter. In order to achieve parts of the growth ambitions, launching new products and services will be an important factor, which is explored further in the report.

Read the full report here.


Based on the survey and our experience, here are our three main recommendations for what good looks like:

  • Be commercially driven and customer-oriented – make their needs your advantage
  • Focus on the right research and development process – cut costs in the right end
  • Set your organisation up for innovation – create the right structure and incentives