And many companies have sought to implement lean, takt and other efficiency measures with varying success. Often, the measures are not sustained, and old ways of working take over again within 12 months of the implementation of these efficiency measures. Employees can end up feeling unmotivated and disengaged, and the executive team experience frustrations because the expected results are not realised in the long term.

The good news is that it does not have to be that way.

The success rate of sustaining improvements is much higher if the executive team is able to create commitment to the new ways of working and engage production staff and supporting functions in incorporating efficiency measures in all aspects of work on the shop floor.

Dantherm Group was able to increase their capacity by 20% and reduce their production cost by 6%, and the realised results far exceeded their initial projections. More importantly, they continue to reap the benefits of their efficiency measures long after they were implemented. The keywords to their success are ownership, transparency and commitment.



How to achieve sustainable efficiency improvements in operations