The good lean manager – the way to robust operations and improvement culture

Lean has left its distinct mark on Danish organisations throughout recent years and has created significant results. Today, the most ambitious organisations are busy rolling out basic principles, methods and tools to the entire organisation, and they are using concepts such as continuous improvement, operational excellence, world-class processes, process excellence, lean Six Sigma, etc. Despite conceptual differences, the objective basically remains the same, which is to develop and implement a culture of continuous improvement in which improving yourself becomes a natural part of the everyday for both managers and employees. This is also the theme of this book.

Valcon has participated in more than 200 lean implementations in administration and service organisations throughout Scandinavia. Many experiences have been gained since Lasse Mønsted, Thomas Fischer and Mikkel Eriksen published the book “Good lean management in administration and service” in 2005, and we wish to follow up on that development with this book.

Den gode leanleder