Executive summary

During the spring of 2018, Valcon ran a digitalisation survey across Nordic business organisations with the aim of gauging the level of digital maturity in the region. For this purpose, we applied our Digital Maturity Model to help us draw a standardised picture of the state of digitalisation across businesses, capturing not only perceptions but concrete progression.
The businesses which participated in the survey range across manufacturing, pharma, consumer and business services, financial services and transportation.

We hope that this survey will provide inspiration and useful insights for Chief Digital Officers, Chief IT Officers, Chief Executive Officers and Chief Marketing Officers as well as other key digital stakeholders to ultimately move businesses to the next levels of digital maturity.

Some of the key findings of the survey were:

On the basis of our findings, we provided eight recommendations for companies to move to the next level of digital maturity. The essence of our recommendations can be summed up as follows:

How digitally mature is your organisation?

If you want to assess the digital maturity level of your own organisation, you can go to our online digital maturity assessment here. The online digital maturity assessment is a light version of our full assessment. This light assessment will, however, still provide you with inspiration for where to focus in order to improve the digital maturity of your company. Together with the results, you will also receive:

  • An overview of your digital maturity across the seven domains
  • A brief explanation of what your digital maturity level means
  • An option to receive the results via email or to be contacted by us to schedule the full and in-depth assessment with our digital transformation experts