Opportunities and potentials from usage of digital technologies are endless, but so are the challenges and organisational implications. Harvesting opportunities and avoiding pitfalls require a certain degree of maturity towards digitalisation.

In this report, we present the findings from a survey on digital maturity covering responses from +140 individual procurement practitioners in 20 countries.

The main finding is that few procurement functions have allocated resources necessary to realise the potential in digital technologies. This is despite an awareness of digitalisation as being important – not only to keep up with incremental improvements – but also, and more importantly, to strengthen the competitive power of the organisation as a whole.

In general, digitalisation maturity level is low with respect to both processes, data quality and digital strategy. And perhaps because these fundamental elements of digitalisation are not yet in place, procurement functions tend to look inwards in their digitalisation efforts, and building an ecosystem seems to be low on the list of priorities. The ecosystems exist, but digital maturity is low.