Organisations in all sectors are facing major changes that can challenge core processes, customer and employee expectations, organisational and IT structures and even the complete business model. Change has always been a part of any organisation, but today business leaders face a somewhat different situation. The sheer pace and volume of changes that have the potential to completely change transform businesses have increased exponentially. In a scenario where change is the only constant, it can be tempting to quote Darwin: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives but the most adaptable”.

So, what does this mean for your organisation? What do you do, when even the most data-driven and well-founded strategy cannot predict the near (or far) future? What will enable your organisation and not least your people to develop in an environment that is more VUCA – volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous – than ever?

We recommend that you read this paper if you want to learn more about our view on what defines the agile organisation. We will also share with you how you, as an executive in a private or public organisation, can initiate the journey towards organisational agility while still making your employees feel confident and motivated to take part in this journey.