Introduction to the Change Leader’s Roadmap

This process model outlines nine phases of work that will help you navigate your change effort from start to successful finish. You can tailor the phases and activities for any application, whether it be changes to your organizational structure, business processes, management systems, technology, or culture. The Roadmap will help ensure that you lead your changes in ways that foster your employees’ commitment and participation, model your desired culture, and deliver your intended business outcomes.

The Change Leader’s Roadmap is designed as an integral, or all inclusive, guide to conscious transformation in organizations. It integrates the internal and external dynamics of change into one overall change process. Internal dynamics include individual mindset, emotions, perceptions, and organizational culture and norms. External dynamics include organizational structure, systems, processes, technology, and individual behavior and skills.

Attending to both internal and external dynamics – in both individuals and the organization – is essential for transformation to succeed.

The Change Process Roadmap is structured to guide your thinking and application from the most conceptual strategy level down to the most pragmatic, operational level. The structure of the model, moving from the conceptual to the detailed, is as follows: