“Hus Forbi” is a social initiative enabling the homeless to make money on their own and giving them a purpose by selling the Hus Forbi paper. Many sellers have signed up for MobilePay, a service which makes it possible to receive money from people without cash.

For the Hus Forbi paper sellers, it makes a big difference to get the money immediately after a paper sale. This was not possible when they accepted MobilePay because it was a heavy manual administrative task “behind the scenes” to transfer the  money from Hus Forbi to the cash cards of the sellers. Typically, the money was not available until the day after the payment.

We used our skills within process automation and digitalisation to develop a pro bono solution for Hus Forbi to ensure that the homeless could get their money immediately.

Watch our case story about the Hus Forbi solution here.