Companies may become financially distressed due to changes in market dynamics, business cycles or macroeconomic trends. Changing your strategic course in times of distress requires a diligent and timely effort in order to regain strength and reclaim the desired financial and market position.

Our team has extensive turnaround experience and restructuring capabilities. We have worked with numerous industry leaders and cooperated with them on overcoming various challenges across industries and markets. Our aim is to identify and improve inefficient practices to drive profitability up and reduce net working capital.

Valcon offers customised advisory services based on your needs. No matter how dire the situation is, or how overwhelming the challenges are, we will work with you on finding solutions that lead to a sustainable future for your company. Our experience with both strategical, operational, financial and organisational issues is why our client regard us as a trusted advisor. We collaborate with clients on both the diagnostic phase, developing the plan forward, and on the transformation phase, ensuring implementation and execution of the improvement roadmap. In short, we create sustainable change in collaboration with you.


We assist clients in their restructuring process and support them in dialogues with lenders.


We help identify and mature divestiture and carve-outs options and help prepare for a potential corporate finance lead sales process.


We help creditor groups evaluate alternatives to maximise recovery.


We assist companies in implementing improvement and restructuring plans. We have advisors ready to step into required management positions to lead in periods of distress or change.


Our experience allows us to offer fast and practical identification of operational improvement areas, and we can assist with the actual implementation.