You may think you have already fine-tuned your company machine, but there is always another screw to tighten or another bolt to replace. There is optimisation potential to be found in any company whether you are to take a close look at what is running through your business as in production of your products or the goods you buy from suppliers.

Procurement excellence and supplier partnerships should be the first place that comes to mind when looking into optimisations. The fact is that procurement is the function that can give you the accelerated cash and EBIT improvement in the shortest time possible whether you are a private or public business. And you don’t have to do all the work yourself. Why not invite to a supplier partnership, work side by side and optimise both price and product. It is a win-win, and you might even innovate.

And while you are at, it would be natural to go further and take a close look at your supply chain strategy. ERP and sales operations planning have been basics for decades, but be honest: have you taken the next step and looked at supply chain digitalisation for optimising your production? And what about sustainability? No business can any longer afford not to think sustainability in terms of supply chain. A large part of your company’s footprint will be along your supply chain. The good news is that a sustainable supply chain will both lower your own footprint and have the potential to finance your transformation, and we can help you take the first or the next steps.

Speaking of next steps: Our experience shows that you can tap into major untapped potential by taking your procurement function to the next level. And you can begin by assessing the current maturity of your procurement function, using Valcon’s proven and proprietary self-assessment tools. We combine the assessment results with our category-specific and in-depth industry insights to provide you with specific recommendations and initiatives. Read more here.