The need for agile and sustainable strategies is greater than ever.

Many companies and public organisations find it increasingly difficult to navigate in markets that are constantly changing. Strategies are outdated before they are even fully implemented, products or services are obsolete before reaching the market, and competition is coming from places you would never have expected.

As CEO, you may be asking yourself if the right approach to corporate growth is to change strategy, acquire or merge with the competition, divest subsidiaries or do a complete turnaround. You may be treading water so fast you don’t even have time to think about improving the company’s EBITDA. Not to mention time to think about beginning your company’s sustainability journey. The problem is that you cannot afford not to think sustainability in your strategy. In fact, your sustainability strategy should be your compass on your journey and help you make the wise decisions for both planet, society and your business.

In Valcon, we know how to accommodate the challenges of markets changing faster than ever before. Valcon has proven methods and models for everything from policy development, value realisation and due diligence to organisational design, target operating modelling and complete enterprise turnarounds. We customise our solutions to the unique challenges facing each of our clients in either the public or private sector.

The public sector has its own share of challenges. Public organisations are being asked to deliver more for less. Valcon’s approach is customised to the public sector and is based on building bridges between the organisation’s professional goals and the budget and management expectations placed on the organisation.