Why choose a second-rate supplier when you know who can deliver the best of the best? We excel in operational excellence, end-to-end value stream transformation and lean. Our consultants have integrated the models and methods for helping our clients roll out corporate operational excellence, not least through operational leadership development. And several of our consultants have operational excellence in their blood after having worked for years with Toyota’s shop floor management coaching.

Lean is not a question of tools. It is first and foremost a question of people undergoing change. Lean can create a common language that makes it easier to communicate and cooperate across traditional borders. Our customer-centric lean approach identifies and optimises key value drivers of customer loyalty/satisfaction, securing end-to-end process optimisation focus from a customer journey perspective.

Value stream transformation is also about the mindset. It is basically a shift in mindset, behaviour and culture by designing the process, ensuring the conditions for success and course correcting as the initiative unfolds. In cooperation with our clients, we implement a lasting cross-functional value stream governance structure that secures full transparency in process performance and secures commitment and continuous improvement effort from responsible leaders. Value stream transformation can for example offer major improvements in processes for new product introduction and cost reduction programmes.

Valcon has participated in several hundred value stream transformations and lean implementation processes, and we offer executive training through our academy training in operational excellence, helping management identify operational excellence maturity in their own organisation using our models.

We can help you walk the talk and integrate sustainability in operations. We can help you make sure that your production and management systems, processes, KPIs and employee competences and behaviour are in place for a truly sustainable production. There can be no sustainable business without sustainable operations.