Organisations in all sectors are being challenged to transform. True transformation is never easy  and everyone struggles with the difficulty of realising the desired effects while creating a new behaviour and culture within the organisation. The difference between success and failure depends on the organisation’s ability to integrate transformative leadership as a central leadership discipline on a par with other strategic and tactical leadership and management competences.

Valcon provides the organisation with the key capabilities to drive the change processes that delivers the desired outcomes through a real impact on organisational culture, behaviour and mindset. It is important that the leadership team has a clear strategy with a specific plan for the change process design and execution. If not, the change process is likely to fail. Valcon helps our clients overcome this risk by using our well-tested change strategy approach.

To achieve the desired outcomes of the change, the leadership team must share the same understanding of the change goals and conditions for success and be equally committed to the initiative. Valcon’s Executive Change Lab is a workshop format that delivers leadership alignment through creating a shared understanding of the nature of the forthcoming change, the critical success factors and the change risks. Our international, best-practice standard for implementing change processes, the Change Leader’s Roadmap, enables you to plan and implement change all the way from the start of the initiative through to rooting the results.

Valcon has a strategic alliance with the American company, Being First. Being First’s unique change leadership method has been tested and endorsed by some of the world’s biggest private and public companies, and Valcon has exclusive rights to this method in Scandinavia. All change leadership experts at Valcon have a minimum of 10 years’ international programme and project management experience and are certified by Being First to drive change processes and develop change leadership competences with our clients.