It can be hard work to always stay ahead of your competition, and innovation and product development are crucial to success. You need to continually improve your competitiveness by bringing new and improved products and/or services to the market. Narrow-minded focus on existing customers and productivity will NOT cut it.

Opportunities can come from innovation, increased quality and productivity as well as reduced time to market, product development and manufacturing costs. Keywords for capturing these opportunities are lean R&D, fundamental knowledge about good product design and modularisation and about excellent product and value engineering processes.

This brings Valcon into play.

Building on the goals of Robust Design, our Six Theta design introduces an operational, tangible and scalable way for organisations to develop products with predictable performance and unambiguous engineering design. Six Theta can be a path to sustainable product design and will enable you to have smarter processes, remove waste from the production and to use sustainable materials in your products.

The impacts of Six Theta design include reduced development time, a higher innovation height and reduced production costs.

Six Theta design contains concrete specific tools and methods that help engineers improve the quality of their mechanical design, both with regards to the overall conceptual design architecture and the smallest component details. The mindset is that, before going into detailed design, we should be able to predict how our solution will perform in tests and in the hands of the end user.

Six Theta can be the opportunity for your company to improve competitiveness through innovation and product development.

Your company can benefit from Six Theta design in different ways:

  • Six Theta project assistance: We support organisations with product improvements, quality, delivery, and costs with Six Theta design
  • Six Theta product development: We develop new products and technologies, including patent applications
  • Six Theta certification: We share our knowledge about Six Theta design by offering training programmes with associated certifications for large and smaller-sized organisations.