Transparency, reduction of working capital and implementation of performance management and performance leadership. If you are a CFO, you may feel a headache coming on about now. These concepts are often crucial factors when it comes to strengthening your competitiveness. But how do you accelerate results without drowning in data and reporting?

At Valcon, we help companies develop solutions that focus on the critical success factors through efficient financial operating models, targeted KPIs and transparent performance management that connect shareholder value, operational excellence and individual performance. Our holistic perspective of your end-to-end financial operating model achieves results through several measures that connect operational performance with financial performance. All of which supported by seamless digital finance systems. Your organisation will achieve significant improvements in your levels of service in relation to delivering qualified support to management decision processes on all levels.

Valcon is Scandinavia’s top sparring partner for CFOs, and our in-depth professional insight and hands-on experience ensure optimisation across the value chain, from organisational structures and processes to tools, competences and resource utilisation. You have probably already begun your sustainability journey, but do you know where your footprints are the deepest and do you know how to reduce their impact? We can help you understand the footprint of your business in order to create transparency. Without transparency, how will you know where to begin and how to act?

In short: Valcon helps you adapt your finance function to the company’s constantly changing reality.