Why Future of Mobility now?

We are facing a new inflection point on mobility that will transform our way of doing business. Autonomous mobility, smart cities, and new business models will change businesses over the next 5-10 years. There is immense uncertainty when it comes to speed, impact and strategic bets, and companies must work across industries to succeed. Focus is on safer and smarter  travel, greener cities, and affordability. And all of this is within reach. Now!

But what will it mean for your business?
In a progressively more interconnected mobility scene with increasing customer expectations, how do companies adapt to remain relevant?


On 8 October, 2020, from 12.45 to 18.00 we will host a Future of Mobility conference in Copenhagen.

Together with our international partners from Cordence Worldwide, we will present our findings from a series of workshops with major players within the mobility industry.

Furthermore, we can already now confirm that we, among others, will have executives from Google, Siemens Mobility and international autonomous mobility operator Holo present their views on the future of mobility.

The aim of the conference is also to offer a space for creating uncommon partnerships to prepare your company for the future. You will be placed among companies from different industries in a setting that allows for constructive and challenging discussions on key topics within the future of mobility.

The following five topics will be explored throughout the conference:

  •  Understand customer needs and technology strategy
  • Establish uncommon partnerships
  • Innovate business model and do financial modelling
  • Build platform and data-enable the business
  • Prepare and engage politically​

Conference participants will be industry leaders and executives from a broad range of industries directly or indirectly related to mobility.

The conference is by invitation only, and if you are an executive who wants to attend, please contact Senior Partner Thomas Rosenlund via email to receive your personal invitation. We look forward to welcoming you!