Crack a Case with Valcon

Are you intrigued by the challenges of management consulting? Do you aim to understand the day-to-day of a consultant? Join us for the exclusive evening event “Crack a case with Valcon” and delve into the world of consulting.

This special event is a focused opportunity to develop your case solving skills, crucial for a career in consultancy. Taking place on 30 January 2024, the event provides an opportunity to acquire consulting skills and new tools that you will be able to apply during your future career.


  • A workshop focusing on case-solving techniques
  • Date and time: 30 January 2024 from 16.00 – 21.00
  • Location: Meldahlsgade 5., 2., 1613 Copenhagen
  • Gain insights from and mingle with experienced consultants    
  • Opportunity to network with peers and consultants over a nice meal       
  • Introduction to Valcon’s unique approach to consulting and problem-solving


  • Engage with a diverse group of aspiring consultants, each bringing their unique perspective
  • Learn how to succeed in a consulting interview and apply case-solving in real-life scenarios       
  • Gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be a consultant and, specifically, a “Valconeer”       
  • Expand your professional network by connecting with individuals passionate about consulting

This event is tailored for those who are keen to explore a career in consulting and wish to gain hands-on experience in case-solving. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to take a step closer to your consulting career aspirations. Join us and experience the dynamic world of consulting at Valcon!


  • Bright and motivated student with a great academic record
  • Currently in the last year of your Bachelor’s or in your Master’s
  • A keen interest in consulting
  • A desire to create noticeable results and changes in your professional career


At Valcon, we are more than 1,800+ skilled consultants and specialists across Europe. We combine management consulting with deep tech and data capabilities. We are doers who can take the client’s strategy, turn it into an actionable blueprint and help them get it done. We have deep expertise in operationalising strategy, process design, data and analytics, technology and change. And because the whole will always be greater than the sum of the parts, we weave these skills together in different ways to respond to new opportunities and challenges. To do so, we believe that how we deliver is as important as what we deliver. We will help the client get the right results in the right way: by making complicated things simple. You are human. So are we. We employ people who care about delivering results and have joy when doing so. We have a flat organisation that enables our teams to make decisions and encourages everybody to learn from each other. We are a band of like-minded yet very different people, all driven by delivering all of the above. Growing and learning every day on the way. In a life and work environment that makes it possible to pursue a consulting career for life – being happy.



  • Apply by 13 January 2024       
  • Fill out the information and attach your latest CV and grade transcript
  • Add a short cover letter (max 250 words) stating why this is a great opportunity for you

We will be reviewing applicants on an ongoing basis, so please send us your application as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please reach out to Amandus Witt Brückner // [email protected]


  • Currently in the last year of your Bachelor’s or in your Master’s


  • Keen interest in consulting
  • Learn how to succeed in a consulting interview and apply case-solving in real-life scenarios



Crack a Case with Valcon

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