Valcon’s digital maturity assessment helps you to identify where you are on your own digital journey and which focus areas you should focus on. The assessment covers seven domains: Strategy, Organisation, Customer, Ecosystem, Operations, Technology and Innovation.

Below, you will have the chance to take a light version of the full assessment to provide you with a preliminary idea of the digital maturity of your organisation.

How digitally mature is your organisation?

This online digital maturity assessment is the light version of our full assessment. This light assessment will, however, still provide you with inspiration for where to focus in order to improve the digital maturity of your company.

Together with the results, you will also receive:

  • An overview of your digital maturity across the seven domains
  • A brief explanation of what your digital maturity level means
  • An option to receive the results via email or to be contacted by us to schedule the full and in-depth assessment with our digital experts
Take the test!

Interested in the full assessment?

All questions in our digital maturity assessments are focused on implementation, investments and changes made in the organisation in order to transform it into a digital business. This means implementation rather than perception or ambition. Also, the purpose of the assessment is to gauge maturity across the organisation, not specific teams or special units.

Contact us if you are interested in the full digital maturity assessment. If you already have a login for the full digital maturity assessment, you can log in here.

The full digital maturity assessment is the means to releasing major potential in your company, and your results will be scrutinised and discussed in a workshop together with digital experts from Valcon, who will provide you with specific and customised recommendations for your company.


The digital maturity assessment is used as a standardised framework to define a shared ambition and a common language that cuts across organisational silos; it creates an integrated view of the requirements and dependencies of digital efforts; and it helps prioritise those areas that can have the biggest business impact and evaluate previous investments.