The company behind the consultancy Valcon has increased its profit tenfold over four years and is able to present another record result this year. If you ask Group CEO Poul Skadhede, this is just the beginning.

After a few failed attempts with Valcon offices in Norway, India and the Czech Republic among others, the management of the Danish consultancy believe to have found a golden path to even more growth by keeping to a Danish and Swedish base.

“We have learnt that we should focus even further on Scandinavia, and our main focus now is to increase growth in Denmark and to open up the Swedish market to a far higher degree. Instead of running around all over the place,” states Poul Skadhede.

Over the last four years, Valcon Business Development, which is behind the Danish branch of the consultancy among other companies, has combined increased their profit before tax from DKK 5.7m to slightly more than DKK 54m.