At Valcon, we help our retail clients focus on improving commercial operations and growing their customer equity. Enabled by the fast-paced technological developments over recent years, this can increasingly be done in a data-driven manner.

Staying updated on your competitors and identifying market entry opportunities can be challenging. Our retail customers often share similar challenges in staying competitive on the following topics:

Product assortment

  • “We need to identify growth opportunities for the product assortment based on trends in the markets and/or competitors’ assortment expansions”
  • “We need to create transparency of core competitors on a product level as customers operate in a highly fragmented market for certain product categories”


  • “We are unable to track competitors’ price changes, and hence lose business”
  • “We lack transparency on our competitors’ pricing in order to e.g. successfully launch e-commerce or products”

Cost-effectiveness and agility

  • “We are manually assessing the competitive landscape, which is costly”
  • “Our current process for monitoring competitors is too slow to react to trends and changes”

This is where competitive intelligence comes into play. Competitive intelligence allows you to grow your business through assortment expansions, pricing adjustments and identifying cost opportunities. By leveraging Valcon’s data and machine learning capabilities, we can develop a cloud-based solution that monitors competitor products and service information automatically. By matching competitor products to your own assortment, this solution provides multiple benefits:

  • Intelligence on product assortment
  • Pricing intelligence
  • Cost-effectiveness and agility


Now it’s up to you!

Start by discussing the above approach to competitive intelligence with your commercial and marketing colleagues. This will help you determine the next step in your journey toward data-driven commercial excellence.

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