The challenges in the planning and building department were typical to administration and service functions: a lack of standardisation, complex work procedures, many return flows, lack of planning, work piles, insufficient management and leadership.

Standardisation was a keyword throughout the entire project and ensured uniform quality, user focus and compliance with deadlines for cases. And standardisation would also help prepare the department for the future digitalisation.

Another important aspect was that the project would help increase employee satisfaction and create a better work environment, among others through a clear allocation of roles and responsibilities and a clear overview of the number of incoming and outgoing cases.

The lean project developed the planning and building department as a workplace, and the employees have had a positive experience cooperating on the project. Leadership and management have been strengthened, and today the employees feel a greater responsibility to solve incoming case where there was previously a tendency to only focus on your own workload. Another result has been a significant increase of 37% in productivity with the same number of employees.

We chose Valcon because they were very clear about how we would achieve our results and because their approach to the development process is highly grounded in practice. Furthermore, the consultant from Valcon showed a clear respect for the employees and their background.

Peter Haugan Vergo Head of the planning and building department in Vordingborg municipality