The public health services in Varberg Municipality consisted of approx. 100 qualified employees in the field of care and rehabilitation. In 2016, organisational changes were implemented, entailing that the public health services were placed under a director of operations who reported to the chief of staff. The need for development and clarity regarding the management and governance of the activities applicable in 2016 was not solved with the organisational changes; instead the same challenges remained in 2018 and had to some extent also worsened. The organisation had a considerable need to create trust between managers and employees. There was also a need to clarify governance mechanisms and improve the management of the organisation.

Valcon was hired as advisors and facilitators to assist the organisation in creating understanding of the current situation and the organisational challenges, creating future targets and explaining how the journey could be accomplished by identifying concrete areas for improvement. Agile teams were formed around these areas of action. Parallel with the operative change work, workshops with the management group were implemented to create a foundation for improved management. During the assignment, Valcon also supported the development of a new organisational structure that weighed different organisational governance and management aspects against each other.