The How

The CFO and the head of business analysis in the major Norwegian dairy company TINE were not fully satisfied with the internal customer relationship. Overall, planning, reporting and business review processes were considered fair, however, there were without doubt untapped potentials and room for improvement.

To improve, it was necessary to outline the gaps between customer expectations and actual services delivered and subsequently to create a “potential scorecard” that could indicate where the controlling function ought to focus its efforts in order to improve the perceived value of the controlling services.

Each individual employee was actively engaged in a positive change process where focus was on identifying services that had a ”wow factor” for internal customers and on channelling all efforts into value-creating activities to unleash the employees’ full potential and to eliminate non-value-creating time consumers.

The business controlling department is now an active business partner engaging in dialogue and supporting internal customers with activities enhancing their business and not simply reporting figures.

Valcon impressed me. They are highly knowledgeable, structured and very good at getting the organisation involved, but most importantly of all, they have passion: They are clearly very enthusiastic about their work and about creating change. The work they have carried out has moved my business controlling department forward.

Jørn Spakrud CFO, Tine