The How

SSI is a complex organisation with a large number of units. The employees needed a clearer understanding of the organisation’s overall strategy to better understand what they were really supposed to do.

Together, Valcon and Statens Serum Institut developed a tool, which translates the strategy into concrete and measurable efforts for all units in the organisation. The trick is a performance board providing all employees with an overview of targets and results during regular board meetings. The performance board breaks down the strategy into KPIs, and these are firmly anchored in the teams, employees and organisational units. The employees are directly involved in the process, and the KPIs therefore make sense to everybody, which is crucial.

The KPIs now form the basis for day-to-day-operations – and, very importantly, for the continuous improvement efforts. Everyone has a specific framework they can use to check if they are on the right track – and moving along at the right speed.

This new tool has been warmly welcomed by all, and we can see that it also has a positive impact on productivity. It is now easier for all of us to focus on the most important tasks

Helle Birk Krogsgaard Corporate affairs manager and project owner, SSI