The How

Merging so many employees, sites and functions calls for a new business model, a new organisational structure and a practical model to ensure the integration – a major change for a company!

Valcon’s dedicated change experts worked hand in hand with 30 key employees of the two groups to ensure that the project was always “on track”, that the change process was moving along, and most importantly, that every move in the process was firmly anchored within the company’s own organisation. Our goal is always to leave a new and changed organisation fully equipped to continue their strategic work on their own. Through a strong cooperation, all major milestones were reached within the scheduled time frame and budget.

The crucial factor for success in our integration process was open communication and ongoing reporting at every stage of the integration process. This allowed us to take swift action and make corrective actions if a task required adjustment or was late.

Paul-Ingvar Ohlsson VP and Director Business Development, Schneider Electric