The How

The milking equipment company SAC held a strong market position, but the world of agriculture changed: It became much more industrialised and complex. Naturally, this also makes the market – and SAC’s set-up – more complicated.

Turnover was increasing, but profits were not following suit – or were in fact dwindling. The product programme was complex, and it was becoming difficult to get a clear overview. Insufficient focus on proactive development was a challenge too. Change was necessary to ensure the company’s ability to deliver quality products on time and to translate growth into matching profits.

Most parts of the company were involved in the process of simplifying and adjusting, and this has made SAC a more profitable business – ready for growth and confident about the future.

We knew where we wanted to go, and together with Valcon we defined and carried out a number of specific measures to get there. This helped us improve our general business and won us a number of immediate, specific benefits.

René Meyer Johannsen CEO, SAC